Me, too.

Feminist.. A word that many are afraid to associate with themselves, I welcome it. I’m here for equality, I’m here for the respect we are asking of our communities. I didn’t feel like I had anything worthy to write about last week so I didn’t. This will be an homage to the #metoo trend and…


  She takes steps with elegance at every turn Meticulously portraying exactly how she feels I’m not quite sure how she does it When I take steps they feel misplaced and foreign   Comparisons feel arbitrary, and yet here we are They surround us and divide us She has this He has that I want…

How to stay on the path of self-love

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by! Let’s talk about our feelings today! Men- I know this may be something you pass on by but you will benefit from surrounding yourself with strong women. This week’s blog post will be a very personal topic for me and something I have been a strong advocate of. Mental…

Deep Breath

Sometimes I speak before I think. Sometimes I actually feel others’ pain inside of me. Sometimes I write poetry but haven’t in a long time. This is how I felt after taking a long breath. 

From the beginning… let’s do this

I was fed up to put it nicely. That was it. I had decided that fine I won’t make plans on going back to school, but I will make plans for a different kind of change. I was ready to take on a new adventure, no matter what it meant or what I could lose. I wasn’t passionate about my job at the gym (where I did my rehabilitation while working with kids) and I wasn’t in any kind of serious relationship. That’s about all I needed in order to kick myself in the ass to do something about it.