Me, myself and I

I find myself amusing, I’m full of contradictions yet also convictions. It’s hard to really put a pin into what kind of person I am. I like to think I’m optimistic, kind, clear minded, gentle and yet sometimes I’m fueled with anger, and sadness while filled with the unknown. 

Does the balance of the universe find itself reflected in me? There is almost no way of knowing all of me because I reserve the right to change my mind and grow with my surroundings. 

As the trees sway in the wind, I sway within myself. Back and forth, the wind pulls me in different directions. I find myself running back and forth in between fires to put out. Sometimes I create the fires and sometimes I just try to come to the rescue. 

All I wish for is to grow. Grow old, grow wise, grow babies, grow flowers and plants to nourish my body. 

And while I focus on the growth, I’ll try to focus less on the path I’ve created for myself and learn to more easily trust the universe that shares it’s balance of energy with me. 

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  1. hashtagpanic says:

    I really enjoyed this. It kinda made me think! The best part about being human is being able to change our minds:)


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