Deep Breath

Here’s a quick preface- I hope you find relatable content through this format, and maybe see things from a different point of view. I plan on this being raw look into my journey, life and what lies for me ahead. FYI: I have no idea what the future holds just like everyone else. This content will also cover current events and people that inspire, including everything from food and culture to body positivity and acknowledgement / what those things actually mean. There is plenty of time for that, so I won’t get ahead of myself. These postings will all be true stories of either my life or others. I hope to invoke positivity, humility and intention throughout this blog and in our daily experiences.


Sometimes I speak before I think. Sometimes I actually feel others’ pain inside of me. Sometimes I write poetry but haven’t in a long time. This is how I felt after taking a long breath. 


Deep Breath

She sits and waits for the dust to settle,

To find a respectful moment to call attention to the elephant in the room.

The elephant is alive and well, it’s name is Humanity.

Humanity is anxious and the walls are closing in on us all.

How will we be tested in these moments?

What if what we believe is right,

Turns out to be wrong.

We are only humans

In the room with an elephant

 and only one world to share together.







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